Fall Gutter Maintenance

Fall is approaching here in Northern Colorado, and while the leaves are pretty to look at, they can put your house at risk for property damage. Below, Schroeder Roofing & Gutters lays out everything you need to know about maintaining your gutters this fall season.


Safety First

Any kind of job that requires you to get up on the roof should always be met with safety precautions. Make sure before heading up, you are putting on protective eye wear and gloves. It is also important to make sure you have a standalone ladder that is stable and set up in a good spot when working on your gutters. 


Schroeder Roofing & Gutters also recommends having someone spot you at the bottom of your ladder while working on your gutters. If you don't have the right tools to take these safety precautions, give us a call to have a professional come in.


Remove Debris from Gutters


Leaves that fall during Autumn are the number one cause of damage to your gutter. When enough debris builds up, it clogs your gutters and can eventually lead to rot, leaks, and other problems. Schroeder Roofing & Gutters recommends cleaning out your gutters regularly and even more so during the fall season. You can also schedule an annual cleaning and clearing appointment with us to avoid the hassle!


Doing this annually will help you avoid having to get damage repaired or purchase completley new gutters. You can also have gutter gaurds installed to help keep debris from getting inside in the first place!

Testing for Water Leaks

After your gutters are completely cleaned out of debris, another thing Schroeder Roofing recommends is running a leak test to ensure that your gutters are still in prime condition. Run a steam of water through your gutters to reveal any potential leaks or spots of damage.


Doing this will help you catch problem areas early on so you can avoid the headache of replacing your entire gutter system.


Seal in the Cracks


Once you have a ran a test to see if you have any leaks in your gutters, you can seal up minor cracks and spots of damage with a good quality sealant.


If the damage is more severe than you are able to fix yourself, make sure to give Schroeder Roofing & Gutters a call. We can asses the damage for you and give you a free estimate. 

Remember We Are Here to Help

If there's a problem you run into or the damage is too big for you to fix yourself, contact us at Schroeder Roofing & Gutters. We will set you up with a FREE inspection and can ensure the work we do will leave your gutters in pristine condition.


It is also important to get regular inspections even if you don't suspect you have any damage just to make sure everything else with your gutters/roof are up to par.

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-Written & Published by Elease Marolf, Associate Content Writer at Gateway Design & Home