The Best Time of Year for Your New Roof in NOCO

Here in Northern Colorado, our weather is usually pretty unpredictable. It can go from snowing to sunny within a couple of hours. Therefore, it can be hard to predict the best time for a new roofing repair. Down below, Schroeder Roofing & Gutters gives you all the information you need about scheduling your roof repair and the best time to do it. 


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The Spring can be hit or miss in Northern Colorado when scheduling a roofing repair. The weather in Colorado is usually at its most unpredictable with rain and hail showers, sunny days, and sometimes even early snowfall. However, due to the weather being so up and down, there is a lot more availability during this season. Another reason people chose the spring is to catch any damage from winter storms early on. If you are worried you have hail, wind or any other kind of damage, give Shroeder Roofing and Gutters a call or go online to set up your free inspection and we'll give you an estimate. 


The summertime is usually the start of the busy season for roofers and can be a great opportunity for you to get yours repaired if you get in on time. During the midsummer here in Colorado, it can get HOT! When weather conditions are extremely warm or humid, it's not uncommon for your roofing job to take a little longer than usual. We do the best we can to be fast and efficient in these conditions. We ask that you are patient and understanding with us in return! However, getting a roof done in the summer can also be a good thing due to the roofing adhesive setting faster in warmer weather. This makes the job smoother and go by quicker.


The fall is usually the most popular time to get a roofing job done. There are many upsides to doing it in the Autumn and few downsides. Since the fall time is so common, Schroeder Roofing and Gutters  recommends setting up your repair two months in advanced to ensure you can get in. During this time of the year, the weather is still nice to where it's not snowing yet, but it also isn't hot and humid still like the summer. This also tends to be the cheaper time of year to get your roof redone.


One thing to remember about getting a roofing job done in the fall is to clean all of the leaves out of your gutters before a scheduled repair.


Really the only advantage to getting your roof done in the winter is the fact that the roofer's availability will be way more open. However, roofs can be slick and dangerous in the winter, tools move slower and don't work as well in the cold, and overall, it's just not the best time to schedule a roofing repair. Jobs can still get set up during the winter, just be prepared for rescheduling and slower results. The roofing adhesive also takes longer to set in the cold.

Following this guide will give you a better chance of an easy going and fast roofing installation and it will make your experience that much more positive! If you would like to set up your free inspection with Schroeder Roofing & Gutters, visit our website or give us a call!

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-Written & Published by Elease Marolf, Associate Content Writer at Gateway Design & Home