The Top Signs It’s Time For Roof Replacement For Your Fort Collins Home

As a Colorado homeowner, you likely take pride in your place. From the fresh coat of paint renewing your kitchen’s visuals to that new bar down in the man cave, every aspect of your castle plays a role in your daily life. One area of the home that often goes unnoticed for long spans of time is the roof. Your roofing is made to last a long time, withstanding the wind, snow, and whatever else our unpredictable weather throws it at. Over time, though, your roof can begin to wear down, reducing its ability to protect your family and your property. Professional roof replacement is one viable option that can provide a wide range of benefits, yet the cost and inconvenience can cause many homeowners to procrastinate the project until disaster strikes.

If your roof is looking worse for the wear, Schroeder Roofing can help. Since 1977, we’ve offered top-quality roof replacements to Fort Collins homes and beyond. Our roofing contractors take great pride in our work, delivering the most value for your budget. With a sterling reputation and a history of superior service, we’re ready to create the best solutions if your roof is in need of service.

Springtime is the perfect time to inspect your roof. When you do, be sure to remember these warning signs of trouble. If something doesn’t look right, be sure to reach out to our Colorado roofing contractors for help!

Aging Roofs

No matter how well you maintain your roof, eventually, time will win the battle. Different materials will yield varying lifespans, each lasting different amounts based on factors such as weather, impacts, improper ventilation, gutter maintenance, and more. The life expectancy of materials consist of:

  • 3-Tab Asphalt Shingles – 20 years
  • Architectural Asphalt – 30 years
  • Clay/Concrete – 100+ years
  • Copper – 70+ years
  • EPDM – 30 years
  • Metal – 60+ years
  • Slate – 80-150 years

Remember that a wide range of factors can affect the life expectancy of your roof. Once a material reaches an advanced age, it will be unable to properly protect your home against the elements. If your roof is past its life expectancy, it may be time to reach out to a residential roofing specialist. Schroeder Roofing is here to offer an inspection and estimate to get you started!

Algae or Moss Growth

Organic materials on your roof can prove to be a major eyesore. If algae is growing, you’ll likely see discolorations such as dark streaks. These blackish stains may look alarming, but luckily, there is little concern. A lack of sunlight and higher moisture content is another issue.

Moss can grow prolifically in cool, damp areas that are heavily shaded. Expansive growth can damage the finish of your shingles, infiltrating deeper into your roofing system and increasing the likelihood of future damages. If you find moss growing on your house, we recommend speaking to a roof repair specialist to remedy the problem. Even if you are only dealing with algae, cleaning services can do much to restore your home’s curb appeal.

Damaged Shingles or Tiles

One of the most important aspects of your roof inspection is checking the health of your tiles or shingles. It should be relatively easy to perform this task, as you can normally do it from the ground level. A few key problems to look out for include:

  • Broken or missing shingles. A few missing shingles is not an urgent problem, but replacing them immediately is a smart decision. If you have numerous shingles in need of replacement, keep in mind that newer products will vary in color. If you begin to replace a lot of shingles, be prepared to own a roof that may look chaotic or disjointed.
  • Blistering. Moisture that has built up inside your shingles can result in blisters or bubbles along the surface. While this is normal for aging roofs, it can also be a sign that your attic has ventilation problems.
  • Buckling. A number of reasons can be the cause for buckling shingles, such as improper installation procedures, poor fastening elements, poor ventilation, and more. These problems can take years to appear, creating aesthetic problems for your home while also reducing your roof’s ability to keep moisture out.
  • Curling. This issue is fairly common across Colorado, and like buckling, can be attributed to a number of issues. A lack of moisture is often to blame, whether it comes from improper shingle storage before roof installation, a dry asphalt base, or improper installation procedures. Eventually, wear and tear can result in curling as well.

Leaking in Spots

If your roof is leaking, it may be hard to tell for sure until serious damages occur. One telltale sign is saturation along your ceiling. If this is happening, it’s important to find a local roof replacement company to come and inspect your home. Water infiltration can wreak havoc on your home’s structural integrity, leaking into your attic, insulation, walls, electrical, and so on. When left unremedied, water damage can lead to a rapid growth of mold in the home. This problematic nuisance can be very costly to remedy and can cause considerable health problems for you and your family. If you suspect that your roof is leaking, be sure seek out help ASAP!

Regular roofing inspections can help any homeowner to maintain their investment for years to come. If your roof does not pass the inspection, it may be time for a professional install. Schroeder Roofing is here to serve as your trusted source for the highest quality roof replacements in Fort Collins and Loveland, delivering the top value at an affordable price. We also offer financing to help homeowners in need of immediate assistance. Contact us today to schedule your inspection!